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Chemical Transport and Safety Awareness

Chemical Transport and Safety Awareness Training

Safety is of the utmost importance when dealing with bulk logistics. At Den Hartogh, our Field Supervisors offer comprehensive, practical trainings specifically focused on the liquid chemicals industry. These sessions enhance safety practices and also deepen understanding of industry-specific challenges and solutions. Create awareness within your company and reward your team with a certificate.

Our training revolves around our custom-designed Demo Tank Container, aiming to provide a hands-on learning experience. Key topics covered in our trainings include safety and safely working, operation and functionality of tank container equipment, various coupling types, manners of loading and unloading, explanation of Non-Standard Operations (NSO).

Our training programs are facilitated at the Training Institute in Rozenburg, The Netherlands, as well as various external locations across Europe. All our training programs are managed and conducted by our dedicated Field Supervisors team, a group of highly educated and experienced professionals. They can provide training in Dutch, German, and English, with other European languages available upon request.

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Our Chemical Transport and Safety Awareness Training brings attention to key safety aspects in Liquid Chemical Transport. During the training you have the opportunity to use our Demo Tank Container and have practical experience on-site. 

  • Behaviour-Based Safety: We underscore the importance of conscious safe behaviour to prevent accidents. Almost 80% of all accidents are attributed to human error, often due to inattention or misdirected attention.
  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE): We guide trainees on the correct use of PPE such as safety harness, safety shoes, high-visibility jackets, chemical overalls, helmets, gloves, safety glasses, and more.
  • 3-Minute Checks: Trainees learn how to perform 3-minute checks before and after loading/unloading, ensuring the safety and appropriateness of the equipment and documentation.
  • Couplings and Hoses: The training explains the usage of different types of couplings and hoses.
  • Tank (Container) Safety and Features: Trainees learn about various tank container safety features and how to secure them.
  • Tank Operation: We discuss the operation of top and ground-operated tank containers and what to do in case of vacuum danger.
  • Loading and unloading: Trainees learn different unloading methods including using the vehicle compressor, chassis pump, and gravity.
  • ADR Requirements: We cover essential ADR requirements such as ADR filling levels, use of earth cable, and the use of wheel chocks.
  • Non-Standard Operations: We guide participants through non-standard situations, offering advice on how to handle product sampling, unloading in IBCs or barrels, handling of ADR Class 3 products, and working at height.

Safety is not limited to the work site - we also provide guidelines on safe behaviours while on the go and have personal protection equipment available for demonstration purposes. By emphasizing safety in all environments, we aim to set a mindset of precaution, regardless of the setting.

A selection of our Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), also available during the training for demonstration purposes.



Our training program is a hands-on experience with our specifically designed Demo Tank Container, offering realistic scenarios for safe and technical operations related to Den Hartogh logistics. It also serves as an excellent tool for promoting awareness about liquid transport equipment to students in logistics-related study institutes. 

We can transport the Demo Tank Container to any desired location in Europe by road or ferry for your convenience. With vast knowledge in trucks, tank containers, road barrels, chassis, work safety, and dangerous goods safety, our Field Supervisors bring a wealth of knowledge and practical skills to these training sessions.

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Our trainers talk the language of your people, have years of experience under their belt, and kept their knowledge up to date. Either they were drivers themselves or were an integral part of our logistics process. All our trainers are certified and are part of our Field Supervisors Team.

We have received positive feedback from several of our clients and our training has been implemented successfully across a range of scenarios. Whether it's equipment awareness training at customer locations, customer safety days at companies like Nouryon, family days at Cargill BV, or recruitment events like the World Port Days in Rotterdam, our trainings and expertise have proven invaluable in affirming your reputation as an attractive employer.

For any further questions, or to arrange a training session, please reach out to us. We're committed to ensuring your operations run smoothly, efficiently, and most importantly - safely.

Your safety is our concern, book a training now



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