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Safety & Quality Management System

Den Hartogh is committed to providing optimal safety and quality in the supply chain

At Den Hartogh, safety is our first priority. We have a culture of Safety Excellence making sure everyone gets home safe. Our own safety programme the power of safe is embedded in all our processes. We exercise the requirements of ISO 45001 at all our operating locations with resources, information, and training. This way we ensure that we deliver objectives which are set to achieve continuous improvements. In addition to complying with national, international, and regional legislative requirements, we also adhere to the standards of the organisations and partners we collaborate with.

Integrated safety management system

We are operating an Integrated Management System. This system helps us achieve the highest standards of service, quality, and safety with our logistic solutions. It is independently audited and certified, and continuously improved by working closely with our customers and suppliers.



The system is strongly supported at the highest level within the organisation. 
Our Managing Director’s approved and agreed set of SHEQ Policies are within our Business Ethics tab.

All of our SHEQ documents and certificates are available on request. Click here for our general certificates.

To ensure sustainable SHEQ is the priority of our activities to always be safe in what we do.
To achieve this ambition is to found our business on sound ethical principles and to share
these principles with employees and business partners.

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