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Our Den Hartogh Logistics mission is based on, ambitious people realising creative logistics solutions. To ensure sustainable SHEQ is the priority of our activities. We will always be safe in what we do.

Den Hartogh Logistics believe that the best way – the only way - to achieve this ambition is to found our business on sound ethical principles and to share these principles with employees and business partners.

  • Safety is our number one priority
  • Den Hartogh Logistics is committed to sustainable growth
  • Den Hartogh Logistics recognises our social responsibility versus employees, contractors, local communities and the wider society
  • Den Hartogh Logistics operates with integrity with all partners, according to the principle of fair competition, seeking to be honest and fair in our relationships with suppliers and customers
  • Den Hartogh Logistics is a caring company that is committed to fair working conditions and equal opportunities

The organisations top management is committed to these ethical principles, providing leadership and resources in order to achieve set targets.

As Den Hartogh Logistics, we run several continuous improvement programs that put these principles in practice and at the same time promote leadership and consultation with employees and other stakeholders.

  • Power of Safe
  • Behaviour Based Safety training
  • The management of Non Standard Operations
  • The reporting of Near Misses
  • The pursue of fuel and energy efficiency, reduction of waste and circular economy
  • Responsible Care® and Operation CleanSweep®
  • Employee engagement survey and employee performance review cycle
  • Den Hartogh Community Cares initiative

Pieter den Hartogh
April 2022

The contents of the Den Hartogh Business Ethics and the related objectives are periodically reviewed as part of the Management Review process. When amendments are made, the latest version is be made available to all employees via general release and to stakeholders via publication on the company website.

Code of Conduct
This document provides guidelines for the conduct of all directors, managers and employees of the companies of the Den Hartogh Logistics Group. If there is any doubt about its interpretation, each employee should contact with their line manager for guidance. 

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