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Business Ethics

Sustainability and the Environment

Den Hartogh Logistics believes in sustainable growth. We have the ambition of succeeding in business and generating wealth today and into the future, without reducing the opportunity of future generations to do the same.

Den Hartogh seek to minimise the environmental impact of our activities through environmentally responsible practices including the prevention of pollution, fuel efficiency & economy, alternate energy, reduction of waste and sourcing from sustainable resources.

Den Hartogh Logistics have set a target of being carbon neutral by 2050; we will use a three level approach to meet this; reduce energy consumption, replace the energy consumed and compensate for what we cannot avoid.

Den Hartogh Logistics actively encourage our employees to purchase and operate the most energy efficient method of transport available to reduce our carbon output.

Den Hartogh have a long history of participation in the Responsible Care initiative®, and promotes its use with our supply chain partners.

We engage with our subcontractors to implement good environmental practices and procedures which support our own objectives and targets.

The challenges that we face include:

  • The minimization of our carbon footprint in the widest context of our multi modal operations and supply chains.
  • The use of fossil fuels, energy generation and the search for viable alternatives.
  • Increasing our operational efficiency from occupancy to driving standards.
  • Best use of natural resources in the processes we employ globally.
  • Within Dry Bulk , conveying our liners into recycling streams and circular economy

Den Hartogh Logistics are committed to report our environmental performances to our stakeholders in an open and standardised manner. This include Ecovadis and ECTA Responsible Care CO2 report.

Den Hartogh Logistics will actively participate in industry initiatives such as the prevention of plastics spillages  with Operation CleanSweep®

To support sustainable growth, we encourage responsible management by our service providers, specifically – but not limited to – subcontractors and cleaning stations.