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Road Transport

Den Hartogh Trucking

Den Hartogh’s transportation network is distributed across all countries in Europe. Based on specific needs and the distances to be covered, we optimise the use of road and intermodal transport. The loading, traction and delivery of your goods is performed by Den Hartogh drivers, working with the most sophisticated trucks. Our proud driver force is trained at our own Den Hartogh in-house training institute. In addition to our own trucks, we maintain a large network of carefully selected partners, who operate according to the Den Hartogh safety standards.

At Den Hartogh, each job is carried out with the right equipment. We offer a broad selection of tanks, from ground-operated tanks and multicompartment tanks to tanks for high temperature products and many more, which are part of our large fleet of road tank trailers, dry box containers and tank containers.

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Global containerised transport

Intermodal transport is the preferred way to move freight over longer distances. It optimally combines various modes of transport.

This method has proven to be a safe, cost-effective, flexible and sustainable way to ensure that shipments are efficiently carried to their destinations.

If you need advice on loading solutions that integrate seamlessly with your supply chain, Den Hartogh’s technical engineering team can provide it.

Additionally, there’s no need to worry about transportation requirements. You won’t have to invest in equipment of your own.

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