Business Ethics

Health and Safety

Safety, in every respect, has the highest priority within Royal Den Hartogh Logistics. Safety is No. 1 Priority. Den Hartogh operates in an industry where risks are always present in our working environment, especially for drivers and operators, but also includes risks for our office and mobile staff.  We want all our colleagues and everyone working in our supply chain to return home safely. 

This applies to the safety of our staff as well as to the safety of the staff of our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. Den Hartogh Logistics aim to achieve a level of Safety Awareness in our company that enables us to continuously and pro-actively improve the level of safety in our operations and to ensure a safe and healthy workplace for our employees and anyone else that could be affected by our work activities, in order to prevent risks of accidents and occupational diseases.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. We recognise that Behavioural Safety is essential to achieve our targets. Therefore we focus on progressing on the ‘Safety Ladder’, currently moving from Proactive to Generative; the Power of Safe is one of our key programmes to achieve this.

With regard to Health and Safety, the following Company Objectives have been defined.

  • To achieve a high level of consultation, participation, awareness and commitment by all employees and their representatives.
  • The Power of Safe programme is a key tool and is progressively rolled out to all Den Hartogh Logistics locations worldwide.
  • To be alert on any deviations or potentially dangerous situations, register and openly report these as appropriate. This is achieved by running our Reporting of Near Miss programme.
  • To openly report on achievements and shortcomings.
  • To report near misses and incidents, carry out root cause investigation and use the learnings to prevent reoccurrence.
  • To aim to continual improvements of our Health and Safety performances.
  • Our professional drivers will be selected, trained and developed through Mentor Drivers, continuous training programmes (inc BBS Driving) and performance data monitoring.  They will be instructed in use of new trucks, driving equipment, assistance tools and the legal framework.  We will have safe and highly skilled drivers in our supply chains.
  • To always adhere to the agreements made with our business partners, whilst meeting or exceeding their expectations.
  • To always meet applicable legal requirements, including e.g. technical regulations such as IMDG, ADR, CFR49, ISPS and other applicable national legislation, and industry best practice.
  • To cooperate with authorities, international institutions and organisations in the development and implementation of effective regulations, standards and training.
  • To eliminate hazards and reduce Health and Safety risks; this is achieved via a framework including risk assessment and effective management of residual risk based on industry best practice.
  • To maintain work equipment and operational controls that prevent injury and ill health.
  • To have a framework for the management of Non Standard Operations.
  • To enhance safety not only by utilisation of adequate equipment, procedures and measures, but also by positively influencing every employee’s behaviour, amongst other things by using the programme based on the Cefic/ECTA guidelines BBS (Behaviour Based Safety).
  • To make each and every employee of Den Hartogh well aware of their duty:
    • to actively contribute to achieving these objectives;
    • to ensure that their own, or other people’s, safety shall not be jeopardised as a result of the use of alcohol, drugs or medication;
    • to stop any operation which cannot be performed in a safe way, and to inform their direct superior immediately about such an event.

With regard to this Policy, KPI’s and targets are formally set and periodically reviewed. These are the base for setting our short and long term action plans and captured in the “one page strategy” & “Business Roadmap” within the Royal Den Hartogh organisation.

Pieter den Hartogh, December 2022