Den Hartogh Logistics is led by the Board of Directors together with the Executive Committee. The members are introduced to you below. The Directors all report to Group Managing Director Pieter den Hartogh. In order to respond quickly to market demands the countries' General Managers report directly to one of the Board Directors.

  • Den Hartogh Group Managing Director - Pieter den Hartogh

    Group Managing Director - Pieter den Hartogh

    Pieter is a member of the third Den Hartogh generation to lead the company. He gets his energy from working together with his team. Always looking for new challenges and opportunities to improve and create a distinctive impression.

    Pieter is always open to new ideas and prefers to initiate trends than to follow them. Being the entrepeneur in the Board of Directors, he ensures that the roles are balanced and equally divided in order to obtain the best results. Creating a strong culture where openness, respect, but also fun in business play key roles. 

    "By connecting with others and by taking ownership, employees will achieve our team goals."

  • Den Hartogh Group Financial Director - Bram Paape

    Group Financial Director - Bram Paape

    Bram started his career as an auditor at KPMG Accountants. After getting his degree as a certified public auditor, he worked as a Finance Director in the automotive service industry. Since 2004, he has been the Group Financial Director of Den Hartogh Logistics and in this role he is responsible for all finance-related issues including IT, Business Analysis and Insurance.

    "As a company and as individuals we continue to develop and improve so we will continue to succeed. You must want to do it better today than yesterday and do it better tomorrow than today." 

  • Den Hartogh Business Unit Director Liquid Logistics - Joep Aerts

    Business Unit Director Liquid Logistics - Joep Aerts

    Joep started his career as a business consultant (with a focus on logistics optimization) leading projects in the areas of supply chain and transport optimization. He joined Den Hartogh in 2008. Through a number of steps within ICT and Liquid Logistics, in January 2017 Joep became Business Unit Director Liquid Logistics and joined the Board of Directors.

    Joep holds a PhD in mathematics from Eindhoven University of Technology. His focus is on people development and change management.

    Sport is important for Joep. "In both work and in your sport's life, it is great to achieve your goals together and to perform well. I also don’t like standing still; I enjoy initiating change and try to get people to join in. In that respect I have a great job."

  • Den Hartogh Business Unit Director Global Logistics - Mark Warner

    Business Unit Director Global Logistics - Mark Warner

    Mark has spent practically his entire working life in Supply Chain Management and Logistics. Having worked in various positions throughout Europe, he originally joined Den Hartogh Logistics in 2001 and was instrumental in the company evolving into a scalable pan-European intermodal operator. He then spent a number of years leading Qualcomm Europe, a global leader in mobile communication technology and The Internet of Things. Mark re-joined the Den Hartogh Board of Directors in November 2016. He is responsible for the Global Logistics business unit.

    "We are on an inspiring journey together", that is what Mark stands for and what he wants to convey to everybody. "Live the Den Hartogh values and focus on the core aspects represented by our mission, vision and strategy. Try to connect, across country borders and the hurdles arising from language, culture and other attitudes that can get in the way."

  • Den Hartogh Business Unit Director Gas Logistics - Hans Kok

    Business Unit Director Gas Logistics - Hans Kok

    Hans has joined the company in 2008. In his earlier career Hans worked in the consumer industry at Philips DAP and Campina Melkunie in Marketing and Sales roles. Since 1997 he joined the world of business to business Marketing & Sales in the field of logistics within the (petro)chemical industry. He has experience in commercial and general management in the logistics branch since 1997.

    Hans holds a Master degree in Economic & Social History. In his current role he is heading the Business Unit Gas Logistics and develops the business into a worldwide leading Gas Logistics service provider.

    "Many highly motivated and enthusiastic people work at Den Hartogh. In the US we just started the business development for gas. I see how enthusiastic my colleagues are about this. A number of ideas immediately came up and we have great fun getting it done!"

  • Den Hartogh Business Unit Director Dry Bulk - Jim Couhig

    Business Unit Director Dry Bulk - Jim Couhig

    Jim Couhig has a long history in logistics, working and living in several European countries. He joined the Den Hartogh Dry Bulk business in 1997 and has built international experience and in depth business knowledge during this time. In his previous role as terminal manager for Den Hartogh Jim already ran a big part of the business, adding value with an entrepreneurial approach. He built his first terminal in Germany in 2001 and became responsible for all Dry Bulk terminals as of 2003.

    Besides leading our Dry Bulk business as of mid-November 2018, Jim Couhig is now also a member of the Den Hartogh executive committee.

    "Within Den Hartogh we have great, inspired and empowered people that measure value by performance. The way I see it, logistics is a true people business."

  • Den Hartogh Group SHEQ Director - Robert Brownbridge

    Group SHEQ Director - Robert Brownbridge

    In May 2016 Robert was appointed SHEQ Director for Den Hartogh Logistics following the take-over of the InterBulk Group, where he had held the similar Group SHEQ Manger position for 5 years. Prior to this Robert has worked in a range of roles within the Chemical industry gaining a broad range of experience in this 20 year period. His safety philosophy started within ICI, developing as he moved through his career with Ineos and then to Lucite International.

    "Within Den Hartogh, safety is our number one priority. This is delivered by each and every one within the organisation and with our partners in our supply chains. It is about what we believe and how we put this into action and the behaviour we demonstrate. We must always be safe in what we do and protect all around us. I believe this with a passion."

  • Den Hartogh Group ICT Director - Roland van Luik

    Group ICT Director - Roland van Luik

    In the summer of 2020, Roland van Luik has joined Den Hartogh as Group ICT Director. Roland has started his career in IT Consultancy and has held various IT leadership positions for Honeywell in Amsterdam, Switzerland and the USA and for Adecco in Switzerland. Most recently Roland was working for The Adecco Group in Switzerland as Regional Head of IT – Northern Europe.

    Every day our team of talented IT employees and partners is focused on delivering superior value for our customers and colleagues. Our commitment is to become a truly strategic differentiator for the organisation and to play a key role in shaping the future of Den Hartogh Logistics”.

  • Den Hartogh Group P&C Director - Jonathan de Vette

    Group People & Culture Director - Jonathan de Vette

    Jonathan de Vette is Group People and Culture Director at Royal Den Hartogh Logistics since October 2021. In this role he is responsible for the Group's People & Culture strategy and leads the international People & Culture Team. Since 2011, Jonathan has held several HR roles within Den Hartogh and he will continue to drive an ambitious people agenda with a strong focus on our values and growth ambitions.