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Dry Bulk Chemical



Den Hartogh's Dry Bulk division operates its own fleet of Intermodal Bag in Box containers regionally in Europe/Scandinavia and Asia. The division is administered from its Offices of Excellence in Hull and Singapore with support from Group Headquarters in Rotterdam and all the other 40 Den Hartogh operating centres. With this network and fleet of containers the division offers door to door shipments with specialist discharge equipment, intermediate storage, management of logistics terminals, own single use food grade inner liner bag supply and product specific technical solutions. Our scale of combined operations together with our intermodal expertise ensures capacity, pricing efficiency and reliable service to the Polymer industry.

Safety & Training
Our safety and product handling measures go far beyond the legal obligations. Our dedicated training institute, supported by our technical and SHEQ team offer a specific range of courses, training , operations audit and field based support for our own employees and subcontractors. This team of experienced professionals ensure the delivery of specific, safe and smart product handling knowledge, procedures and technical solutions to the Polymers industry.


Door-to-door logistics

Provision of containers for transportation

Supply of custom-made liners

Flexible solutions for strategic product storage

Delivery at destination via our self-discharging trailers


Turnarounds & shutdowns

Chemical site managers are working hard to reduce maintenance downtime during a turnaround (TAR). Den Hartogh can assist in the challenge to work around the clock, first time right and in a short period of time. Our operational teams, managed by experienced project supervisors are ready to perform all the logistics of bulk chemicals relating to your company’s TAR projects.

If the scope of work changes during the project, we don’t back down. With our large fleet of containers, our strong organisation and extensive partner network, we are set to meet the challenges as we continue to finalise the turnaround project on time. We will set your plant up for even bigger success in the future.


Den Hartogh has a partnership with Sea Invest at their ACOT Terminal in Antwerp. The terminal has close-by links to the Motorway Network in addition to waterside and rail connectivity. The terminal is open 15 hours per day, but also nights for some traffic flows. Current services at the facility, loaded/empty container storage, repairs, fitting of liners, decanting and vacuuming overweight into Octabins.

We do not want to disrupt the supply chain by adding additional movements (costs). We have ongoing discussions with our barge and shipping partners to link outbound and inbound freight. Our vision is to have day and/or night loadings and drop the boxes. These boxes can then be:
2.Decanted into silo trailers
3.Moved further within the Den Hartogh Supply chain via barge to Moerdijk, Genk or Rotterdam (for further distribution to UK, Ireland as example)

Intermediate storage/Forward stock

With its large fleet of Dry Bulk containers, Den Hartogh is perfectly positioned to support you with stock and inventory flexibility in any part of your supply chain and in any region of the world.

Whether you want your raw materials to be on the doorstep of your production site, or your finished goods to be close to your customers, we have the experience and the network to build and manage stocks in containers.

The actual terminals where the stock is stored are carefully selected to guarantee optimum safety and use. Stock levels are continuously monitored in our Transport Management System. Your business is supported with 24/7 complete visibility. Whatever you need, we can arrange it.