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Sustainability is a foundational element and core SABIC value. Our ambition is to be the chemical industry’s recognised leader in supply chain sustainability. Improving our transportation carbon footprint is an important part of this ambition. Hence, we are continuously looking for improvement opportunities, in close cooperation with our logistics partners. We strongly believe in the added value of intermodal transport. In comparison with the classical road transport, intermodal transport has several advantages, such as an improved carbon footprint, improved safety and more unloading flexibility.

With the increasing pressure on driver availability in Europe we believe it is the joint responsibility of the shippers and carriers to increase the intermodal share. With our longer delivery distances already executed by means of intermodal transport, our focus needs to be on intermodal opportunities for shorter distances. Hence, we were very happy to cooperate with Den Hartogh’s initiative to switch from road to railway for the Geleen – Moerdijk connection. Withdrawing these trucks from the road leads to a reduction of our CO2 emission of more than 500 mt on an annual basis.