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Business Ethics


Den Hartogh Logistics is a strongly customer oriented organisation. Our Management System meets the requirements of ISO 9001 standard. Den Hartogh Logistics has developed, and reviews at least annually, processes and procedures to assure that customers requirements - explicit or implicit - are known, understood and met or exceeded. Den Hartogh Logistics is a data-driven company. Den Hartogh Logistics makes vast use of process data and statistical analysis to identify areas of improvement and to define SMART action plans. PDCA is core to improvement in the company.

The following Company Objectives have been defined.

  • We believe in and operate a ‘First time right’ philosophy.
  • To achieve a strong commitment by all employees in relation to the services we provide, as well as an appropriate feeling of responsibility for good results in all of these aspects.
  • To always adhere to any agreements made with our customers, whilst meeting or exceeding their expectations.
  • To conduct our business in compliance to all applicable legal requirements, as a minimum.
  • To be alert on any data or trend in order to anticipate or correct deviation from the desired standards.
  • To openly report on achievements and shortcomings.
  • To report non-conformances, carry out root cause investigation and use the learnings to prevent reoccurrence.
  • To aim for continual improvements of our Quality performances. PDCA / RACL are core to improvement in the company.
  • To cooperate with authorities, international institutions and organisations in the development and implementation of standards of best practice and training.
  • To assure that services provided by our logistic partners meet the same standards as the services we provide directly. In order to achieve this, we incorporate our SHEQ expectations in the Terms and Conditions of subcontracting and periodically audit them.
  • To enhance Quality not only by utilisation of adequate equipment, procedures and measures, but also by positively influencing every employee’s behaviour.
  • To make each and every employee of Den Hartogh and logistic partners well aware of his/her duty, to actively contribute to achieving these objectives;

With regard to this Policy, KPI’s and targets are formally set and periodically reviewed. These are the base for setting our short and long term action plans and captured in the “one page strategy” & “Business Roadmap” within the organisation.