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Business Ethics

Food Hygiene

As a key global operator of intermodal transport, Den Hartogh Logistics is committed, as an organisation, to delivering food and feed solutions to its customers in a safe and legal manner, which embraces the principles of HACCP through the implementation of a companywide Food Safety Management System.

At Den Hartogh Logistics, we implement the philosophy of continual improvement in our food safety practices and procedures, through compliance with the internationally recognised management standards ISO22000 and GMP+, legal compliance and customer requirements.

The Director of the Dry Bulk business unit and Den Hartogh Logistics colleagues recognise that effective food safety and quality management is not only related to the delivery of service but also with:

  • the best industrial practice within our working environment, inclusive of training, welfare and morale of employees,
  • maintaining efficient and effective communication both internally and with customers, suppliers, contractors and other involved parties with regards to food safety aspects.

To that end, food safety objectives are set for the Company to clearly demonstrate the commitment of all in striving towards improvement as a Team.

Our key areas of focus, as highlighted by HACCP, are:

  • The use of equipment that is Fit for Purpose and compliant with food contact legislation.
  • Cleaning and control of previous loads.
  • Product integrity during transport.
  • Driver and operative training.

The Food Safety Objectives set are:

  • To maintain third party certification in compliance to ISO22000 Food Safety Management Systems under Category J Transport & Storage.
  • To maintain third party certification for our GMP+ Feed Safety Management Systems according to module B4 – Transport.
  • To improve company performance relating to internal targets which have been set for recorded food safety ‘incidents’.

The targets and tolerances for the objectives are set out in Den Hartogh yearly Management Review Report.