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Den Hartogh Supply Chain Support Services

Supply Chain Support Services

The right management of your product & information flow to maximise efficiency and customer value

Strong supply chains build on strong designs. At Den Hartogh, we take pride in our many years of experience in supporting industry customers to design and operate the best logistics for each specific supply chain. We recognise that standard solutions often do not meet the specific needs and challenges of our customers. With a co-creation mentality and creativity in our genes, we don’t stop until we get it right. We are not afraid of insourcing and performing your critical logistics activities, such as your chemicals loading operations, your on-site logistics or the maintenance and management of your tank container fleet around the world.

Our analysts and solution designers focus on the challenge from your point of view and aim to go beyond traditional solutions. As a result, your supply chain will show more connectivity, more competitive advantages and a significantly higher customer satisfaction rate.


Global containerised transport

Intermodal transport is the preferred way to move freight over longer distances. It optimally combines various modes of transport. This method has proven to be a safe, cost-effective, flexible and sustainable way to ensure that shipments are efficiently carried to their destinations.


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Road Transport

Owning over 600 trucks, we can provide both regional as well as international transport. So no matter where your products need to go, we’ll make sure they get there. Every year, the fleet is expanded with dozens of high-standard new trucks, which are then provided with annual functionality updates by Den Hartogh’s dedicated M&R department.

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