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Business Ethics

Human Rights and Labour standards

Mutual respect is a principle of our culture and a core value of Den Hartogh Logistics.  Den Hartogh Logistics are committed to fair working conditions and equal opportunities.

Den Hartogh Logistics treats all employees with dignity and respect and protects them against harassment, intimidation and violence in their working environment.

Den Hartogh Logistics are committed to the promotion of equality and diversity in employment and recognise that this is essential to ensuring the success and growth of the organisation. To achieve this, Den Hartogh Logistics makes every effort to select, recruit, train and promote the best candidates based on suitability for the job.

Den Hartogh Logistics treats all employees and applicants fairly and does not tolerate any form of discrimination based on personal characteristics such as race, sex, marital status, pregnancy or maternity, age, nationality, ethnic origin, religion or belief, political opinions, sexual orientation or disability; and ensure that no employee suffers harassment or intimidation.

Encouraging a harmonious working environment with zero tolerance to bullying or to any form of harassment. Providing clear and fair terms of employment for its employees, with clean, healthy and safe working conditions.

Den Hartogh Logistics respects the rights of employees to freely associate and bargain collectively, in accordance with applicable national laws.

As a committed equal opportunities employer we will abide by all fair labour practices and strive to ensure that our activities do not directly or indirectly violate human rights in any country (e.g. forced labour, employ underage staff).

Den Hartogh Logistics will identify, assess and manage human rights risks within our sphere of influence and activities, working firstly to avoid or mitigate them and then seek to remedy any actual or potential impacts. Ensure that appropriate mechanisms are in place for those affected by our operations in order to raise grievances through our whistle blowing policy.

Den Hartogh Logistics oppose slavery and human trafficking, and would never knowingly carry out business with suppliers or contractors involved in these practices. Den Hartogh Logistics will review its operations and supply chain to evaluate the risks in terms of human trafficking and slavery. Den Hartogh Logistics will also carry out background checks before entering into new agreements with contractors or suppliers. Den Hartogh Logistics will offer training to our procurement and commercial staff, so that they are aware of the risks of human trafficking and slavery, and our obligations under legislation. Den Hartogh Logistics will produce a statement each year showing what steps have been taken to reduce this risk from our supply chain.