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Business Ethics

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance

As an organisation we strive to operate with integrity with all partners, from our suppliers to our customers. All stakeholders and individuals with whom Den Hartogh Logistics have a business relationship will be treated in a fair, open and respectful manner.

Den Hartogh Logistics commits itself without reservation to the principle of fair competition and expects the same from its business partners. Our compliance with the rules of the competition, anti-bribery legislation and anti-trust laws  in relation to our customers, suppliers and competitors is a matter of course . No employee of Den Hartogh Logistics may offer advantages or demand or accept advantages which are likely to influence a business decision in an unfair way.  Den Hartogh Logistics operate a code of conduct for both employees and supply chain partners.

Gifts within the context of business relationships or activities should not be given, directly or indirectly, or accepted, directly or indirectly, if could be considered extravagant. Similarly, entertainment should not be extended or received if it could be seen as extravagant or unduly frequent. Gifts and entertainment that exceed an amount of € 75,- are considered to be extravagant. If an individual is uncertain of a situation it should be discussed with the line manager. Gifts or entertainment of this sort will be recorded in the expenses process.

Den Hartogh Logistics will endeavour to ensure that stakeholders have confidence in the decision making and management processes of the service provided, by the conduct and professionalism of all staff. To achieve this we will continually train and develop our staff, ensuring that all colleagues are aware of Den Hartogh Logistics policies on fair business ethics, bribery and corruption, money laundering and whistle blowing. All employees have to adhere to this document.

Den Hartogh Logistics have an approved supplier list where we assess suppliers for technical competency, HSEQ accreditations, insurance cover, financial standing and where appropriate, make declarations for anti-bribery and other measures of social, legal and financial responsibility.

At all times, Den Hartogh Logistics will seek to be honest and fair in our relationships with suppliers and subcontractors; pay suppliers and subcontractors in accordance with agreed terms; and encourage suppliers and subcontractors to abide by the same standards and principles.

Den Hartogh Logistics will review our procurement policy to ensure the content is accurate and relevant. The policy includes buying ethically and with integrity and clearly covers our responsibilities in terms of anti-bribery and corruption.

Conflicts between the interests of Den Hartogh Logistics and personal interests should be avoided. Should such conflicts arise, they must be disclosed to the relevant manager.

The careful handling and protection of the property and assets of the group is an obligation of all employees.

Den Hartogh Logistics adhere to trade sanctions imposed by international institutions or governments for all countries where we have an official establishment. This means that EU and USA regulations apply.

Den Hartogh Logistics keep abreast of all financial and/or economic sanctions laws, regulations, embargoes or other restrictive measures that are administered, enacted or enforced by:

  • The United Nations;
  • The United States government;
  • The European Union or its Participating Member States
  • Any country in which any member of the Group is incorporated; or
  • The respective governmental institutions and agencies of any of the foregoing, including, without limitation, the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the US Department of Treasury (OFAC), the US Department of State and Her Majesty’s Treasury.