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Den Hartogh Dry Bulk Logistics has a long established track record in managing door-to-door food product supply chains using the Bag-in-Box bulk system. In this system, the single use liner bag provides a reliable food grade certified contact barrier during loading, transport, storage and delivery. The fully intermodal approach is cost efficient and forms the backbone of a robust supply chain where strategic stock is held close to the consignee for delivery call-off with no truck detention fees.

The Den Hartogh Food Safety Management System provides the framework for food hygiene and safety. This system encompasses elements such as: liner bag design and manufacturing, dedicated food grade discharge equipment, specific driver technical training including cleaning, audit & spot checks, traceability and our HACCP plan. Going the extra mile, the Den Hartogh innovative approach and direct technical expertise in liner design, materials handling, and the provision of technical support and consultancy is available for our customers to evaluate and use when redesigning their supply chain.

One such example is the supply chain where food grade powdered product is transported from the supplier in Europe to DSM in the UK. The business aim was to maintain all of the food hygiene and safety requirements while moving from the more expensive road-silo and pressure tank solutions towards the preferred price point of the Bag-in-Box concept with the added benefit of creating a local consignee safety stock. 

The challenge was to create the capability to load, transport, store and deliver a powder that is not free flowing and to make deliveries using the Bag-in-Box tipping chassis equipment to a physically restricted location. The backbone of the solution was the Den Hartogh patented fluidising liner bag technology, which employs aeration and airbag technology to create product flow.

In addition, the Den Hartogh Dry Bulk technical consultancy and field engineers worked in partnership with the technical experts at the supplier and DSM who together provided, in particular, the matching conveying system from our rotary valve to the silo intake and the essential customised air inlet and air exhaust filtration systems.