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CO2 tank use in the horicultural industry

Den Hartogh’s customer, sweet pepper grower Bart van der Valk: “Each year in November, we plant baby seedlings in a sterile greenhouse. It takes about 8 or 9 weeks for the plants to grow the sweet peppers and for them to develop, to colour orange and to ripen.

Pure CO2 is very important for the photosynthesis of the plants. We had issues with our boiler installation; Den Hartogh provided us with a liquid CO2 tank as a temporary solution until our installation is up and running. To illustrate the importance CO2 has for our company: "We need 1.3 million kilograms of CO2 a year to be able to produce 3.7 million sweet peppers.The peppers are exported to the UK, Germany, Canada, the USA and China.”