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Den Hartogh Logistics awarded with TLN Innovation Award

November 10, 2018

Today Dutch trade association Transport & Logistics Netherlands (TLN) awarded Den Hartogh Logistics with the TLN Innovation Award. The award was handed over by Dutch Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen (Infrastructure and Water Management). Den Hartogh Logistics was nominated for the development and implementation of Cluster Service Rotterdam.

‘Den Hartogh is an excellent example of a transport firm that has successfully transformed into a logistics chain director that ensures efficiency in transport. The key factors leading to this evolution were the early investment in highly advanced IT solutions for the monitoring and optimisation of transport flows and container storage, substantial investments in the training of its own workforce, the successful recruitment of a large number of qualified graduates from some of the Netherlands’ best logistics degree programmes and virtually continuous, project-based collaboration with many of our country’s research universities', thus sais the jury. 

Horizontal and vertical collaboration, trimodal terminal, clustering, fewer empty loads thanks to densification, synchromodality, chain efficiency, the PortShuttle, a shortage of drivers; these concepts all come together in Cluster Service Rotterdam and all within a business setting that is based on concrete contractual agreements. The Cluster Service is intended to improve the efficiency of tank container flows moving in and out of the area for the chemical industry and to minimise the truck mileage total in Rotterdam’s chemical cluster. Den Hartogh achieves this by promoting densification on the basis of horizontal collaboration and by exploiting the full potential of the local intermodal infrastructure.The launch of this concept originated in the vertical collaboration between Den Hartogh, one of our major chemical clients in Rotterdam and the CTT trimodal terminal at Pernis. The client aimed to develop on-site logistics. Amongst other things this would allow the company to minimise the number of different drivers who enter its site for safety reasons.

More information about the TLN Innovation Award can be found on >> TLN website (in Dutch).​

Photo caption Den Hartogh team fltr: Vinnie Monster, Paul Eijsvogels, Aron Mellink, Maxim Winde, Jacques Pluis, Joep Aerts, Pieter den Hartogh, Mark Warner and Arthur Snel.