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Technical Developments

State-of-the-art MDI-tanks in Den Hartogh fleet

May 2, 2019

Recently some new technical developments have been inserted into the Den Hartogh MDI-fleet; composite MDI-tanks with 28.000 liter capacity and a 26.000 ltr Swaptank for MDI.

With the expansion of our MDI fleet we have also chosen for innovation by implementing two new types of tankcontainer. The new 26.000 liter swaps are equipped with an on-route heating system. The hybrid heating system can keep the product at the right temperature for 12 days and is very energy efficient. With the two-way communication system we can not only locate and monitor the tank bus also adjust the temperature settings remotely. 

Another innovation is the new 28.000 liter composite MDI tank. The composite materials combines strength with a low weight which has resulted in a tare weight of only 2.900 kgs – a reduction of >25% compared to similar stainless steel tanks. Composite has very good insulating properties which reduces heat loss during transit.

Of course both tanks are built in accordance with ISOPA guidelines.

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