Inspiring APAC Network Partner event

Den Hartogh held an Asia Pacific (APAC) Network Partner event in Penang mid-January. The meeting was attended by Network Partners and sales representatives from Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia and Singapore. Theme for this year is “One APAC” where we seek to further build on a successful 2019 journey marked with record intra-APAC volumes. 

Our valued partners left the meeting with a clearer vision and goals for the next 5 years even as Den Hartogh seeks to grow our APAC fleet more than 5-fold. There is no doubt 2020 will be another successful year fuelled by the hard work and persistence of our regional partners amidst a challenging market outlook. This will translate to more tank containers made available for our APAC customers at the right place, right time and right cost level. 

Den Hartogh is here to grow in Asia. Grow with us.

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