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Den Hartogh Safety measures due to coronavirus

March 18, 2020 - As you are aware, the coronavirus outbreak has progressed into a worldwide pandemic (WHO). The situation is very serious and authorities across the globe are taking more measures every day. At Den Hartogh, Safety is priority number 1. In accordance with the guidelines of authorities,we continue our business activities as much as possible, while taking measures to ensure the safety of our employees, partners and customers.

Following our business continuity plan Den Hartogh has stopped all business travel for office staff, increased use of video conferencing for meetings, proactively arranged and encourage office staff to work from home. Given the nature of the infection we implemented and continue to enforce basic hygiene advice.

For our drivers we have provided additional protective equipment to ensure their safety and given additional advice on social contact, hygiene and how to work in the current climate. They are faced with real challenges in their daily work, handling all in a professional manner as can be expected of a Den Hartogh driver.

Den Hartogh is committed to minimise the impact of the developing situation for our customers. We are tracking developments within countries, across borders, through the intermodal network, seeking creative solutions, that don’t place people at risk to deliver within our supply chains.

The current situation needs all parties of the supply chain to work together in a joint response to a shared difficult situation. We are keeping open channels of communication with all parties: from suppliers and transport partners through to our valued customers.

Working together, we will do our part on battling this current pandemic.