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Impressive combination in the Nordics

You might see some impressive combinations on Swedish roads as the Nordics Team executed a great idea to ‘double up’. Currently, the Nordics team has three link combinations in use. Christopher Jertborn, Country Team Operator at our office in Gothenburg, shares the details with us in this Questions & Answers interview.

Q: Is it the first time a DH truck moved two containers?
A: It´s probably not the first time a DH truck moved two containers at the same time, but our truck moved two loaded containers at the same time, which I think is a first within DH.
Q: Were any modifications necessary?
A: No, none.

Q: What's the history of this project?
A: When I started as planner, we were sending trucks to a destination for delivery and then they were returning to the cleaning station. At the same time, we were sending trucks to the same area for loading. Together with the Nordics General Manager and Operations Manager, we came up with the idea of sending two units to the same area, to unload one and switch containers and to load the second one and come back. As a result, we are using less trucks on the road and the trucks that we are using are optimised in the planning. One truck is doing the job of two.

Q: Are there any special legal requirements?
A: There are no special legal requirements for the drivers or the office staff in the Nordic countries to use a link combination.

Q: Can this be used for all liquid chemicals or is this something that is only used in Sweden?
A: Yes, this can be used for all liquid chemicals; both the ‘Link’ and the chassis are ADR approved.

Q: Will this kind of combination follow in other countries?
A: We are using this combination in Sweden, Norway, and Finland. I don't know if it can be used in any other countries. Each country will need to check the local requirements.

Q: Did you do anything extra before you started this project?
A: We first checked in the dispatch which combinations could be used. We made a shadow planning for 1-2 months to test feasibility. We hired a driving teacher for a day and the programme was customised for Den Hartogh. Half the day we did practical training; the other half we were at the office in Sweden and did theoretical training. The drivers received a diploma following the training.

Q: What are the technical measurements for this combination? 
A: The truck with link and chassis is about 24 metres long and can have a total weight of 64 tonnes. If the truck has two units on the combination, its load is max 36 tonnes.