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Long distance order Den Hartogh and XT Logistics

World class standards for transporting liquid chemicals in China inland

Amidst the background of COVID-19, Den Hartogh China recently assigned a long distance ISO tank trucking order to XT Logistics (Shanghai to Mianyang, Sichuan) which will cross over 6 provinces (Jiangsu, Anhui, Henan, Hubei, Shanxi and Sichuan) in China covering 1,900 km.

The loading place is Chiba (Japan) and our network partner Nissin handles the necessary pre-carriage and custom services in Japan. To ensure smooth shipment from East Japan to West China, a pre-operations discussion took place between Nissin, Den Hartogh Shanghai and XT Logistics. This is the furthest door-to-door service Den Hartogh will embark in mainland China.

The very first laden tank was released on 12 September by our Chinese customer after arriving in Shanghai. Den Hartogh China’s commercial team visited the trucker at Shanghai Lingang DG warehouse together with the management of XT Logistics. After a general check on the truck’s safety condition and also a last minute risk assessment led by XT’s management, we had the opportunity to meet the very experienced trucker, Mr Wu. His response: Normally we drive 8 hours every day and this trip to Mianyang will take us 4 days in total. However, this is not the farthest trucking trip in my career as I used to drive the truck from Shanghai to Inner Mongolia.

At Den Hartogh China, we give our valued customers peace of mind in the first and last mile of domestic transportation. Through our partnership with domestic trucking partner XT Logistics we now have better control in enforcing world class standards in the management and transportation of liquid chemicals in inland China.This Japan-China door-to-door logistics contract showcases Den Hartogh’s value added service, despite challenging COVID-19 constraints, to deliver multi-modal door-to-door transportation solutions across country borders in Asia.

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