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Den Hartogh Trucking in China

Here at Den Hartogh China, we recognize safety is key in the domestic transportation of liquid chemicals. Our joint venture with XT Logistics enables a wide variety of DG and non-DG chemicals to be transported within China. With a strong focus on safety and operational efficiency, we seek to give our valued customers peace of mind in the first and last mile of transportation. 

We are here to grow in Asia. Grow with us!

> Play the video on this page to learn more about our trucking service in China. 



Language versions
We have this video available in different language versions. Please choose the language of your choice:

Den Hartogh Trucking in China (English): https://vimeo.com/462930370/e7843cd81c
Den Hartogh Trucking in China (中文口語 / Chinese spoken): https://vimeo.com/462930411/14675c057d
Den Hartogh Trucking in China (日本語字幕 / Japanese subtitles): https://vimeo.com/462930420/c62571e94b
Den Hartogh Trucking in China (한국어 자막 / Korean subtitles): https://vimeo.com/462941225/a69b796ea2