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Two three-year Shell Upstream contracts signed

NAM extends contract Den Hartogh

Coevorden, 1 March 2021 - NAM has again extended the contract with Den Hartogh as logistics partner for a further three years. Den Hartogh has been responsible for the safe and professional logistics of NAM’s production liquids since 1997, including production water and natural gas condensate. NAM’s core business is exploring for and producing oil and gas in the Netherlands.

Logistics activities in the oil and gas industry, the upstream, are extremely specialised and, as the work continues 24/7 and 365 days per year, flexibility is key. NAM contract liaison officer Mario van Essen stated: ‘We have an extremely close and long-term relationship with Den Hartogh. They provide specialised logistics services for NAM and we are delighted with the new contract and the continuation of activities. Not only because they provide specially adapted tankers and trained drivers for “NAM work” in transporting water condensate. We are also delighted with the flexibility of the 24/7 support for our drilling, wells and abandonment activities and the knowledge and expertise within the Den Hartogh office team in Coevorden.’

Bert Schreurs, Operations Manager Den Hartogh Coevorden, is responsible for NAM activities. ‘Although gas extraction is being scaled down in the longer term in the Netherlands, there’s still a lot for Den Hartogh to do. Produced water and natural gas condensate are released during gas extraction or when clearing extraction sites. For years, our extremely experienced and well-trained drivers have made sure that all these liquids are removed in a timely and safe way.’

About NAM
NAM is an exploration and production company with authentic Dutch roots. Its headquarters are located in Assen in the Netherlands. NAM’s core business is exploring for and producing oil and gas, both onshore and offshore in the Netherlands. NAM is responsible for unlocking two of the Netherlands’ most important resources: gas and oil, and it supplies a large amount of the natural gas required by Dutch households and businesses. Shell and ExxonMobil are 50:50 shareholders in NAM. More info: www.nam.nl