Creating Innovative Logistics Solutions in Dumai, Sumatra Indonesia

Dumai, Indonesia, 11 May 2021 - At Den Hartogh Asia-Pacific, we actively listen to the needs of our customers. Last month, we facilitated requests from customers in Dumai, Indonesia to open up international ISO tank shipping routes. Den Hartogh shipped out the 1st batch of 19 ISO tanks, via a barge, to Port Klang, Malaysia for onward transhipment to various global destinations.

Before this direct shipping route existed, Dumai oleochemical refineries had to send their goods by land for international exports through other neighbouring ports in Sumatra. Delivery of goods to Port Klang via such ports will take three days of travel. However if it is via Dumai Port, it is estimated to take only 22 hours of travel.

“This Dumai ISO tank export solution will significantly increase operational efficiency and cost competitiveness of our Dumai-based olechemical customers. We thank them for their continuous support over the years and we will continue to think out of the box for safer and more innovative logistics solutions” said Mr Edrick Wee, Commercial Manager, Den Hartogh Southeast Asia. In the words of the local port authority, Pelindo 1 Dumai: “This container export service is a business innovation to answer the needs of service users.” At Den Hartogh, we are ambitious people realising creative logistics solutions. We are here to grow in Asia. Grow with us.

Play the video <by clicking here> to learn more how we can serve you in Dumai, Sumatra Indonesia.