Den Hartogh increases speed in the energy transition

Rotterdam, 6 July 2021 - Den Hartogh further increases the focus on sustainability by introducing environmental sustainability as the fifth pillar of growth, next to safety, employee engagement, customer satisfaction and profitable growth. The main goal of this step is to contribute to a carbon neutral world in 2050 and to increase the speed of transition. The 2025 target is a reduction of 25% of carbon emission on all transport activities of Den Hartogh.

The main path towards reducing the CO2 impact is by further implementing modal shift options to reduce the percentage of trucking and by moving to alternative fuels for trucks. Already in 2021 we are running our first pilots, such as using the barge for moving tanks between Rotterdam and Antwerp and the use of an electric truck for heavy transport in the Rotterdam port area. Operationally Den Hartogh has already years of experience working together with customers on modal shift opportunities and running LNG trucks in their trucking fleet.

“Our ambition is to reduce 25% of our CO2 footprint in 2025, so we have to move from pilot projects to operational implementation. We see a large number of initiatives, but we really have to embrace change to speed up. For that reason we invest heavily in building the right knowledge to initiate and support this change”, according to Joep Aerts, our Business Unit Director Liquid Logistics.

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