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Next steps in smart logistics

Den Hartogh installs Intermodal Telematics on tank containers

Rotterdam, 15 July 2021 - Den Hartogh is equipping its entire TDI container fleet with GPS Temperature Telematics, providing live GPS positioning and temperature control. This enables us to make data driven decisions in real time based on GPS positions, product temperature and heating settings.

‘We want our customers to recognise and value our service of organising safe and reliable transport of bulk chemicals. For over 10 years, Den Hartogh has been working on various telematics projects. In close cooperation with customers, we have further introduced SMART containers to improve safety, cargo quality and give us more transport visibility. We always want to deliver a service that exceeds the market standards, and we see temperature monitoring and temperature control as an important way to guarantee the high standard we set ourselves in providing an optimal customer experience’, says Nils van der Poel, IT Project Manager.

Den Hartogh has a great deal of experience in telematics in all logistics processes. The partnership with the Dutch-based telematics specialist, Intermodal Telematics (IMT), is perfectly in line with the ambition to take the next steps in providing smart logistics on our tank containers. Peter Boodt, Technical Supervisor of Den Hartogh: ‘Our decision to work with IMT followed the proof of concept we conducted with the prime unit of IMT. Last winter, we had some tanks in northern Sweden. As you know, it’s dark there most of the day and there was a long period of heavy snowfall. In these tough conditions, IMT’s solar-powered CLT20-Ex (Communication and Location Terminal) continued to transmit its data, which obviously started to drain the batteries. However, when the snow started to melt after a long dark winter, the batteries recharged via the solar panel to reach their full capacity again. This proved that tough weather conditions do not seem to affect the working ability and the batteries inside are strong enough to survive winter even without being able to recharge. With the telematics solutions from IMT, we can act on our temperature status information in real time. IMT uses different alert notifications for when the product temperature reaches a critical upper or lower limit.’

Den Hartogh has gone a step further. For the transport of certain highly temperature sensitive products, we have chosen the new Thermowell solution. This is the ultimate, most robust and most accurate method to measure product temperature. The temperature sensor is installed inside a tube which is welded to a client selected flange inside the tank. The temperature is transmitted wirelessly to a display (WD20) that can be placed on the side of the tank. In addition, the temperature can be passed on to the CLT20-Ex, so the temperature and corresponding GPS position are visible in the portal. ‘With the IMT prime GPS unit CLT20-Ex, we receive the temperature through to the portal every 5 minutes. Via the alerting modules, we can respond immediately to disruptions, assert greater control and minimise risks, waste and product recalls. The accuracy of the Thermowell and the almost real time sending interval of the CLT20-Ex gives us the confidence our customers need when trusting us to carry their temperature sensitive products.’

Den Hartogh has a large fleet of Isocyanate tank containers. By the third quarter of this year, the entire fleet of TDI tank containers will be equipped with this telematics. Particularly for Intermodal moves, this system creates an optimal customer experience and provides better insight into our operational processes. Planners can now respond immediately and plan vehicles more efficiently when these tanks arrive at the terminal or port of destination. The shunting, handling and manual temperature checks will be eliminated for a great extent. This all benefits to reaching a 100% On Time Delivery performance with these temperature sensitive products. Again a next important step to further improve our safety and quality standards.