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Den Hartogh wins Nouryon “Supplier Reliability”

We all recognize the challenges of last year. Covid-19 ruled our industry, capacity and demand kept us awake at night, all to make sure that our commitment to our customers would stand. With more than pride we would like to thank Nouryon for their recognition in these challenging times. Den Hartogh was awarded the “Supplier Reliability” award for being exceptional in reliability, collaboration and close partnership with Nouryon.

To Den Hartogh this strengthens the support to our vision where we employ ambitious people realising creative logistics solutions. And in these same words we would like to express that we go that extra mile, always looking for chances and opportunities, being flexible and proactive to our customers worldwide. What makes this award extra special is that all major parts of Den Hartogh contributed, from the transport of liquids, to gases to dry bulk. A true companywide appreciation.

"We feel honoured and delighted that Nouryon also acknowledges the value of true partnerships. Cooperation in full transparency is what we strongly believe in at Den Hartogh." - Hans Kok, Business Unit Director

In tough times the full value of a relationship becomes clear and in business this is no difference. Den Hartogh coexists in an ecosystem with its partners. Having a long term vision and strategy ads to the transactional values of the market. Value added services compliment the works that simply needs to be done. By doing so we build long term valuable relationships at Den Hartogh.

Charlie Shaver, Nouryon Chairman and CEO congratulating Hans Kok