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Den Hartogh ends high in Dutch Family Businesses Top 200

Rotterdam, 25 April 2022 - As innovative company we generally look forward, but this week we appeared in the Dutch Family Businesses Top 200 based on our achieved results. In the category “Transport and Logistics” we ended third! Results that make us proud. Proud of our people, customers, suppliers and how we dealt with the global challenges. All colleagues contributed to this success.

Royal Den Hartogh exists over 100 years and as a result also has a royal designation. A consistent course lays at our foundation, a steady course embraced by a clear focus. Values like respect, openness, taking initiative, people development and fun in business are our fundament.

“Fun in business is still one of our most important core values and although we pay a lot of attention to this, the connection within our teams sometimes came under pressure with many of us only meeting online as we continued to work from home.” – Pieter den Hartogh

It is great to see the efforts paid off. The recognition of belonging to the major Family Businesses where we ended at position 64 in the overall top 200 is a pleasant surprise. Especially when we look into the category “Transport and Logistics” we ended at the fifth position by number of people employed and on the third position revenue wise. Our ambition drives our initiatives, ownership, teamwork and enables all employees to make a difference.

Pieter continues: “Fortunately, responding to the ever-changing demands of the market is in our DNA and, in combination with our great team, I am sure that these challenges will also offer Royal Den Hartogh Logistics great opportunities in 2022. I’m looking forward to it!”

With respect for our history, a clear focus driven by our ambition empowered by a great team of people Den Hartogh continues to look forward on this amazing journey. The recognition of belonging to the major Family Businesses supports (of: motivates/stimulates) us and our employees.