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Opening of new Logistics Service Center in Rotterdam

Rotterdam, 24 November 2022 – Royal Den Hartogh Logistics and Shell Chemicals Europe have opened a new Logistics Service Center (LSC) at the Shell Energy and Chemicals Park Rotterdam. The new and improved drop and swap location is a result of close collaboration between both companies and a major step forward in sustainability, efficiency and cooperation.

The new LSC is situated close to the production area and the storage terminals at the heart of Rotterdam's chemical industry. Shell and Den Hartogh designed and built this new facility with the following objectives in mind;

  • Reduce the carbon footprint from loading trucks emissions by utilizing renewable fuels and reducing the driving distance on site.
  • Improve efficiency and provide relief to the driver shortage through reduction of waiting time for truckdrivers and provide a convenient rest stop/hospitality center on site.
  • Optimize and digitize logistics processes onsite by adding flexibility and just in time arrival of equipment at load rack, freeing up additional loading capacity.

Reducing Carbon Footprint
Reducing the carbon footprint together with the other objectives is key to Den Hartogh and in line with its goal to reduce CO2 with 25% in 2025 compared to 2019. All is closely embedded into the Den Hartogh pillars ‘Safety, Profitable Growth, Employee Engagement, Customer Satisfaction and Environmental Sustainability’. With our LSC trucks switching to Shell Renewable diesel (HVO) we can reduce our CO2 on our onsite activities. A mutual approach hand in hand with our customer.

Ruud Welleman, Director Logistics Service Centers, comments: “Improved efficiency and sustainability go hand in hand in this project. Reducing our carbon footprint, a higher customer satisfaction and improved facilities for our drivers are what makes this a great corporation. During the design and building phase we operated as true partners.” Ruud continues: “With this new LSC we are ready for the next years and looking forward to putting it into full operation. It is an exciting day for both Shell and Den Hartogh.”

We’re better together
Den Hartogh will continue its successful deployment of LSCs together with other services provided. The commitment to work with partners in a sustainable and efficient way expresses Den Hartogh's joint effort “We’re better together” in the chemical industry.