Ten years Den Hartogh in Russia

The Den Hartogh team in Russia recently celebrated their 10th anniversary. Celebrations took place in the historical center of St. Petersburg, at the Peter and Paul Fortress. It’s the original citadel, established by Peter the Great in 1703, and located at a strategic point at the intersection of several waterways. After its foundation the city became a ‘Window to Europe’ because of its excellent location and access to water, making it a perfect location for Den Hartogh to establish an office there. 

"Looking back, we can say that those years have been ten very challenging years. We dealt with everything from a one room base and on a ’bench scale’, meaning we had to use whatever was available. Oldtimers remember that it was a golden time, full of enthusiasm, hopes, new challenges, naturally without being aware of the concrete number of future problems and the methods actually needed for solving them, but with a great desire to achieve results and to bring Dutch experience, culture, and business methods into our reality. The contribution of those who were first is invaluable", says Elena Solovyeva, Deputy General Manager. 

Gold reserve
"We are part of the Dutch family company Den Hartogh. Like the whole history of St. Petersburg, which is more or less connected with the Netherlands, we, being a part of the Dutch company, are imbued with a corporate ideology, spirit, and priorities. The company pays great attention to training, professional growth of all employees and enjoys the personal success of each employee. Each new member of our workforce has contributed to our business, has brought a part of himself to the company and improved it.

We have achieved a lot over these 10 years: record figures for truck mileage, consistently good profitability, a completely updated and extended fleet, and a wonderful, modern office. You see and hear more about that if you watch the anniversary video we've made.

We do participate in global, ambitious projects. It must be admitted that a key to this success are our people, our employees, our gold reserve, which has not changed for years. Also, we would like to thank our highly valued customers for helping us with our ambition for sustainable growth. We are sure that we were able to establish a good and positive image of Den Hartogh in Russia, and our goal is to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations!"

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The location for the festivities was the Peter and Paul Fortress in the historical centre of St. Petersburg, where every day a ‘Midday cannon firing’ takes place. To celebrate the 10th anniversary Pieter Den Hartogh, Group Managing Director of Den Hartogh Logistics, together with the Russian team, got to fire a cannon himself.