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EPCA 2019: Invitation Den Hartogh Logistics

In October the commercial and management teams of Den Hartogh Logistics will be present during the EPCA 53rd Annual Meeting in Berlin. As we are driven by the value needs of our market and its representatives, we would highly appreciate the opportunity of the coming EPCA meeting to understand your logistics vision, needs and desires. At the same time we can share details on what is happening at our end and update you on the latest developments in our market.

We would therefore be very glad to meet with you in Berlin during EPCA, 7-9 October 2019. We have meeting rooms available in the direct surroundings of the EPCA Congress at Hotel InterContinental. Let us know your interests and time options by phone or mail to make an appointment.

Den Hartogh Logistics is performing a leading role in the logistics of bulk liquid, dry bulk and gas chemicals throughout the supply chain landscape. With a staff of 1,700 highly motivated employees and a strong base of selected partners in the logistics industry, we are creating Chemistry through Smart Logistics every day. We look forward to having a constructive meeting with you during the EPCA Annual Meeting in Berlin, Germany. 

On behalf of the Den Hartogh Logistics Team, 
Robbert de Jong
Commercial Manager
Tel: +31 6 10995606