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Den Hartogh Annual Review 2022

Delivering long-term sustainable growth

2 April 2023 - We are happy to share the Den Hartogh highlights of 2022 with you, another outstanding year for our family business. We started the year still impacted by Covid, but volumes increased rapidly. Faced with depressing global economic events like the war in Ukraine, and supply chain disruptions, our vision and mission were stretched to the max. We were forced to adapt to circumstances we never thought would happen. Looking back, we can say that we did adapt, as one team working together.

Our financial performance in 2022 was outstanding, the best ever year in revenue, EBITDA and profit before tax, despite depressing global economic events like the war in Ukraine and resulting food and energy crises, surging inflation, as well as the climate emergency and supply chain disruptions. Click on the link below to open the online Royal Den Hartogh Logistics Annual Review 2022.

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