Royal Den Hartogh Annual Review 2023

Addressing Challenges Together

28 Februari 2024 - Welcome to our Den Hartogh Annual Review, this year’s theme involved addressing challenges together – not only with our customers and partners, but with the entire Den Hartogh team. The impact of geopolitical agendas and macro-economic headwinds in 2023 have resulted in global challenges.

We started the year financially quite strong, but volumes were considerably lower than in 2022. After two successful and record-breaking years, we had to take a step back. The economic and geopolitical turmoil has dealt a severe blow to the chemical industry, and this has had a direct impact on our revenue. Fortunately, responding to the changing demands of a volatile market is in our DNA and this, in combination with our great team, makes us look forward to 2024 with confidence.

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