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June 23, 2017

On June 9, 2016 Quaker Chemical B.V. and Den Hartogh Liquid Logistics B.V. signed a three-year contract to continue their successful cooperation together, a relationship that originated in 2011. The agreement allows for bulk liquid transportation inbound and outbound from Quaker Chemical's site in Uithoorn.

Henk Struiwigh, Director Global Operations of Quaker Chemical B.V. stated, "This prolonged contract formalizes the confidence we have in the services provided by Den Hartogh. Both the Den Hartogh team on-site, as well as the drivers, making the deliveries to our customers live up to the expectations we have of a lead logistics service provider."

According to Pieter den Hartogh, Managing Director of Den Hartogh Logistics, "We are proud with this third term, especially as it is built on a strong mutual ambition towards continued improvements in the areas of safety and sustainability. This ambition is realized through our field supervisors, making site safety audits at customers of Quaker, resulting in safety improvements in equipment and processes."