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Creative Logistics Solutions in Dumai

With an ambition to be the leading intra-APAC chemical logistics service provider, Den Hartogh Asia Pacific (APAC) has significantly expanded our isotank fleet deployment in this region to serve the growing needs of our customer base.

We seek creative isotank logistics solutions for the unique challenges of our customers. In Dumai, Sumatra Indonesia, our refinery customers had to truck their products 600 km to the nearest Belawan port for international exports.

Through active listening, Den Hartogh understood our customers’ door-to-door logistics challenges. We worked closely with our network partners, Benline Indonesia, and the local port authorities for an innovative solution to load isotanks directly out of Dumai. Our customers’ products are subsequently transshipped to international destinations across the globe!

Through this weekly barging service, we enable a safer and more cost competitive intra-APAC chemical logistics solution for our customers. The coordination process is also more streamlined and efficient with only 1 point of contact to serve our customers’ door-to-door isotank logistics requirements.

We are here to grow in Asia. Grow with us!

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