Expanding in the Foam Industry

Den Hartogh joins EUROPUR

Rotterdam, 21 June 2023 – Recently Royal Den Hartogh Logistics joined EUROPUR, the European Association of Flexible PU Foam Blocks Manufacturers, reflecting our commitment to innovate and expand in the foam industry while prioritizing safety and environmental sustainability. At their annual conference held this year in Budapest, we introduced our company as a new member to a wide industry audience.

The conference is a cornerstone event that gathers pivotal stakeholders from the foaming industry. It brings together producers of foam for mattresses and furniture, manufacturers of polyurethanes and isocyanates, end receivers, machine builders, and for the first time this year, Logistics Service Providers (LSP). All came together for a collaborative gathering.

"We're delighted to join EUROPUR and to be the first LSP to participate in this prestigious conference," said Eimert van Herk – Manager PMC Isocyanates Europe at Den Hartogh. "Our goal is to deepen our understanding of the foam industry and to offer tailored, optimal logistics solutions. Streamlining operations and deliver a superior service experience across the entire supply chain.”

Showcasing our capabilities

As part of the conference, Den Hartogh seized the opportunity to introduce itself to the audience of over 500 industry professionals. In a distinctive and exciting approach, we utilized a specially produced video to present our services, values, and commitments to the foaming industry. Emphasized by our efforts to reduce CO2 emissions by offering BIO LNG and HVO renewable diesel through an insetting programme, cutting emissions by a staggering up till 90%.

 "Our introductory video not only showcased our capabilities, but also highlighted our commitment to safety and operational excellence," shared Roy Madern – SHEQ Manager at Den Hartogh. "It was a unique opportunity to convey to the industry, that as a family-owned organisation with a dedication to collaboration, we take every precaution to ensure our operations are as secure as they are efficient." The video, demonstrating Den Hartogh's capacity, its vast fleet of modern equipment, and its global presence, served as an impactful tool to introduce Den Hartogh's dedication and progress in chemical logistics to the wider industry.

 Den Hartogh's recent membership with EUROPUR and its participation at the conference mark a significant step towards expanding our services within the foaming industry. Den Hartogh aims to leverage this newfound association to foster stronger partnerships, identify new business opportunities, and deliver superior logistics services together with the foam industry.

 "Smarter Logistics. We’re better together!"

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