First combined megawatt charger for the transport sector

Rotterdam, 18 June 2024 – Every day we take a step forward together. At the Energy Transition Campus Amsterdam (ETCA), Shell unveiled its first megawatt charger designed for both maritime and road transport. This groundbreaking technology marks a significant milestone in making transportation more sustainable and transitioning to renewable energy. During the demonstration, Den Hartogh's electric truck was one of the highlights of the event.

The megawatt charger is capable of charging trucks and ships with an impressive power output of up to 1 MW. This means a truck with a 1 MWh battery can be fully charged within 1 to 2 hours. The system is powered amongst other sources by the 3,600 solar panels on the campus roof, contributing to the supply of renewable energy.

Den Hartogh Featured its Electric Truck

Several companies from the transport sector were present at the unveiling. Den Hartogh featured its electric truck, operated in partnership with Shell, during this innovative project to demonstrate the megawatt charger's capabilities. With our participation, we showcase our commitment to sustainable logistics solutions and our collaboration with partners who share the same vision.

"This megawatt charger is a game-changer for the transport sector, allowing us to charge faster and cleaner," commented Alex van Leeuwen, Regional Commercial Director, Den Hartogh during the ceremony. Alex continues, "Supporting our customers in their energy transition is a priority for us. We aim to provide them with a supply chain that's both sustainable and environmentally responsible."

Technological Achievement

The megawatt charger is a technological achievement and an essential part of the entire supply chain. It highlights the importance of a complete value chain, including the availability of renewable electricity, a reliable infrastructure, and customers choosing sustainable transport solutions.

We believe that innovative solutions like this megawatt charger are crucial for meeting the environmental goals of the transport sector. Together with our partners, we look forward to further collaborations and developments that contribute to a sustainable and more efficient logistics sector. Or as we like to say at Den Hartogh: “Smarter Logistics. We’re better together.”

Photos courtesy of Shell.