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"Safety is a choice, and today we celebrate our commitment to that choice"

UPM and Den Hartogh showcase at "Holz Trifft Chemie" Safety Day

Leuna, Germany, 14 May 2024 – UPM Biochemicals, in partnership with Royal Den Hartogh Logistics, hosted the "Holz Trifft Chemie" Safety Day at UPM’s cutting-edge Leuna Biorefinery this past weekend. The event marked a major step forward towards ensuring seamless and secure wood supply operations within a chemical environment. Emphasizing the strategic alliance between UPM and Den Hartogh in advancing sustainable logistics solutions.

The day was filled with activities that demonstrated the importance of safety and efficiency in wood logistics as this is the initial step in the Leuna biorefinery process. Among the highlights was the debut of our mutual branded tank container with both our logos and a green UPM frame, symbolizing the strong partnership between UPM and Den Hartogh. This initiative is part of a broader effort to ensure a safe and sustainable supply chain for the biorefinery, which upon completion, will convert wood into innovative biochemicals.

Collaborative Atmosphere

Approximately 200 logistics specialists from various sectors, including technology providers and truck drivers, attended the event. They engaged in training sessions, site tours, and a test drive with an electric truck, showcasing UPM’s commitment to sustainability and innovation. The collaborative atmosphere was further enhanced by the participation of numerous industry professionals who shared their insights and experiences.

"Safety is a choice, and today we celebrate our commitment to that choice, alongside our strategic partner, Den Hartogh," was mentioned by UPM during the event. "Our Leuna Biorefinery is set to revolutionize the biochemical industry by transforming wood into renewable products, and ensuring the safety and sustainability of this process is paramount."

Strengthen Shared Vision

Den Hartogh's involvement in the event has been instrumental in developing solutions that are effective and environmentally responsible. "Our collaboration with UPM at events like these strengthens our shared vision for a more safe and sustainable future," commented Markus Neusser from Den Hartogh. Den Hartogh put action in words by facilitating their demo tank container, where safety experts, including our Field Supervisor, were present to explain safety in detail, leveraging their extensive experience.

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