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LSC 212: serving global needs with local strengths

Den Hartogh opens Logistics Service Center in Antwerp

As a result of the success in Rotterdam, Den Hartogh recently opened a similar logistics cluster service in the Port of Antwerp. Our new Logistics Service Center 212 (LSC 212), in the heart of Antwerp's chemical industry, helps to secure our customers' supply chain by road, rail or barge. The services we offer with our Cluster Service in Antwerp consist of:

  • Drop/swap, load and unload services for customers in the cluster
  • Shunting services of tank containers in the cluster
  • Container storage services (non ADR)
  • Intermediate parking
  • Tank heating
  • Equipment check

The execution of these services is supported by the newly opened and strategic positioned Logistic Service Center at Harbour No 212 (LSC 212). The LSC 212 is positioned at the right bank, in close range of customers, suppliers, rail terminals and tank storage terminals.

Direct advantages for our customers:

  • Positioned within the Antwerp ring and therefore independent of traffic congestion
  • Large depot availability to place stock at a strategic position with quick response time to serve the European market
  • Good accesibility, depot is reachable by barge or truck
  • Efficient and smart loading/delivery options thanks to local trucking capacity

Clustering services improve the efficiency of tank container flows moving in and out of the area for the chemical industry and minimise the truck mileage within the port of Antwerp. Den Hartogh achieves this by promoting densification on the basis of horizontal collaboration and by exploiting the full potential of the local intermodal infrastructure.

All drivers working within this concept are familiar with the region and the area they work in. In many cases, they also live nearby. This not only creates efficiency advantages, it also helps improve local safety performance. The international drivers arriving with long-distance cargo can drop off their load at LSC 212, so that it can be swapped with a local driver who knows the area and is familiar with all local safety protocols.

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