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FUCHS and Den Hartogh acquire new electric trucks for bulk freight

Together, we are paving the way for sustainability in the lubricant industry

Rotterdam, 11 April 2024 – Following the development of new intermodal solutions for bulk transportation, FUCHS and Royal Den Hartogh Logistics take the next step with their sustainability efforts. With a major investment in heavy E-trucks, the two companies are continuing to show new ways ahead for greater sustainability in the lubricant industry.

The shared sustainability journey began back when FUCHS was planning to relocate its operation from an old production facility in Nynäshamn to a newly designed, modern plant with a sustainability-centric focus. The new facility was not far away, but it would no longer be right near the port, where FUCHS could previously receive large volumes by boat. Sustainability was the aim, but the question remained if the local transport flow could be made sustainable? There was no possible rail-bound solution for the complex transportation flow of around 30,000 tonnes a year, so other kinds of logistical solutions had to be found. Because of the large volumes being handled, along with the fact that they vary by season, it was important to find a logistics partner with significant resources, and one that also had its own sustainability ambitions.

FUCHS and Den Hartogh acquired three new electric trucks for bulk freight. The two companies are continuing to show new ways ahead for greater sustainability in the lubricant industry.

Enabling efficient transit between locations

Fredrik Kimfors, General Manager Scandinavia at Den Hartogh Logistics, was keeping an eye on the market and knew what was going on at FUCHS. Attracted by the sustainability aspect and the scale of the contract, he started thinking about potential solutions. As a logistics service provider focusing on bulk transport, Den Hartogh has developed intermodal solutions that allow different modes of transport, enabling more efficient transit between locations.

“We liked the fact that FUCHS is serious about their approach to sustainability. It’s not the easiest thing to win contracts by taking a holistic view of sustainability, but we saw an opportunity and that really spurred us on,” says Fredrik. “And they’ve certainly shown which way they want to go. We’ve already gone from natural gas (LNG), which was the best option when we started, to biogas (LBG), and now to electricity. Together, we’re paving the way for sustainability in the lubrication industry.”

Oils are not always easy to handle

But oils are not always that easy to handle. They behave differently depending on whether they’re cold or hot, and Den Hartogh realised they would have to come up with something brand new for FUCHS. The solution was a glycol heating system to make the oils easier to handle, along with special transferable tank containers to maximise the efficiency of different modes of transport. This means that even though the new plant is further away from the port, the more sustainable shipping option can still be used, and road transport can be kept to a minimum. Also, switching the former LBG trucks to three super-strength e-trucks from Volvo (Volvo FH Electric with six batteries, 540 kWh in total) is yet another step closer to a future free of carbon dioxide emissions.

We’re trying to be pioneers in our own industry

Mikael Andersson from Fuchs and Fredrik Kimfors from Den Hartogh.

“Electricity can’t replace everything, but it’s a great solution for the distances we’re dealing with,” says Mikael Andersson, Senior Manager Procurement & Planning at FUCHS Nordics. “They’re also quiet. You can hardly hear the trucks coming despite how big they are, so they also reduce noise outdoors and in the drivers’ working environment.”

“We’re trying to be pioneers in our own industry, so it’s great to have a customer who thinks in the same way. We can help each other develop,” says Fredrik Kimfors. “Neither one of us could have come up with a solution like this on our own.”

“I’m very proud that we have made this much progress already. If you have an opportunity to think sustainably, you have a responsibility to take it. Beyond that, it’s important to carry on improving and advancing towards ever greater sustainability. Standing still is not an option,” Mikael Andersson concludes.

FUCHS is the world’s leading independent manufacturer of lubricants, and Den Hartogh is a leading provider of logistics solutions. Read more at www.fuchs.com/se/sv/ and www.denhartogh.com.

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